Welcome to ImpressBox Digital Signage management system!

Using this website You can upload content, organize it to playlists, and distribute them to Your device network, view real-time status of Your devices and control them: from playlist schedule management to configuration details and environment of the devices.

Tips-and-tricks for efficient system usage

  • Our system recodes video files automatically, however, each recoding affects video quality. When creating video media files, request Your agency video file with these parameters:
    • 1920x1080 resolution, h264 video codec. AC3 audio codec.
  • Video files with maching parameters will be not recoded, resulting in immediate availability in the system and best possible video quality.
  • If You have a lot of similar content You need to create on routine, avoid creating them from scratch using HTML content type, or designing them in separate application and uploading them as image.
  • Contact our sales manager and we'll design special template that will quickly allow You to create beautiful content, strictly to Your needs or even integrate with Your external data sources.

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